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Business Design Services

Every business needs a look and we can help with that. Our design services include business form templates, logo design, contract creation, letterhead and business card design, and marketing materials. You can also request designs for custom items. 

Form Creation 

Business Templates i.e. contact form, inventory, order form, invoice, etc

*Just Starting - $95

4 Templates

*Business Necessities - $125

6 Templates

*Complete Office - $175

up to 10 Templates


Logo Design


Unique logo design with up to 3 revisions and 2 hours of design collaboration

Additional Revisions - $15 each

Additional 30 Minutes of Collaboration - $30


Contracts for service, employment, vendors, clients, and other business needs

Getting Started - $95

3 Templates

Business Office - $125

5 Templates

All Business - $175

up to 8 Templates

Letterhead and Business Cards

Official Letterhead and Business Card


Includes: Letterhead, Business Card Template, and To Do List Template

Marketing Services

We  can help you establish or recreate you brand. Our services include helping you create a social media presence and marketing materials.

Marketing Packages

Starting at $65


$125 per Hour


Office Organization

We provide an in depth evaluation of your business and organize it for you. Organization packages includes template creation for forms and contracts, letterhead, and additional services of your choosing based on the package selected.

6 Hours - $690

Includes Letterhead, 5 templates, and an additional service

10 Hours - $1,050

Includes Letterhead, 8 templates, and up to 3 additional services

Sign Me Up

All I Need

Individual Designs

1 Business Template - $25

1 Contract Template - $35

Letterhead Only - $25

Business Card Template - $30

Office Organization

$125 Hourly

Customized Services

Let's collaborate to take your business to the next level. We can create a plan of action and execute it in a timely fashion. We'll design a custom package just for your business.

Payment Plans Available

The Business Information Form must be completed and submitted before services can  begin.

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