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"What is your ideal work setting?" 

That's one of my favorite questions to ask a client I'm about to write a resume for. I then have to explain to them I'm not talking about a job. I'm asking them what their setting would be. Indoors, outdoors, a room in their home, the hours, the smells, whatever details that would make their workday as enjoyable as possible. It's the toughest question most people answer because they simply don't think about what would make their work situation ideal.

Fruition (noun):attainment of anything desired; realization; accomplishment

Fruition is usually the hardest part of a vision, not because of the anticipation but due to the work required to achieve it. For the most part, people are willing to work that's why they get jobs. People also love to gamble on things they deem as "safe bets". In most cases, neither of those things involve pursuing your goals, dreams, or visions. 

The reward of fruition goes to those willing to move past all other things. What other things do you ask? The most obvious is naysayers or doubt and then there are those quiet battles like fear of success or shadows. Regardless of what your other things are you have to move beyond them to get to where you truly desire to be. 

Most visionaries will tell you that failure is part of the path to success. That is true and there is so much more on that road such as anxiety, loss, shame, jealousy, havoc, despair, lack of.... and the list goes on. The true secret to success isn't really a secret it's more an undesirable fact.  

It's hard work, not physically as much as everything else. Emotionally, you have to allow your feelings to happen without having the final word. Spiritually, you have to believe that you're on the path you're meant to be on so you keep going. You also have to be willing to sacrifice things you didn't realize required sacrifice like relationships, financial comfort, time, sleep and other things most people don't believe it will bother them to lose. If you're able to conquer all that there is probably still more you will have to defeat in order to get to the actual realization of your dream.

You can do it! Go for your ultimate reward, the reality of your vision.

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