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Vision means a lot literally (look it up some time) and figuratively. The definition I'm referring to today is a vivid, imaginative conception or anticipation. How many times in a day do you see something that is clearly there only to you? One of my biggest pet peeves is when someone is trying to get my attention when I appear to be in thought. Now a few of those times have been God sent. Most of the time they were just rude. It bothers me because they don't know what they're interrupting. I could be in the process of creating a necessary cure, the next great thing or planning something just for me. Either way, let me be! Most of the time people are interrupting you to be nosey "what were you thinking about?" or to talk about something you don't care about at that time (themselves) or to distract you because they don't have anything to think about. I digress... Your vision is a part of what drives you every day. In most cases, it makes life bearable up to a point. At some point, you have to get the vision out. That's what makes vision boards so trendy. The question most of my clients pose to me is... What do I do now that I have a vision board? My answer is always the same, "now we build". I help my clients make their vision a reality with strategic planning, resources, expertise, and belief in them to make it happen. Whenever I'm working with a client I always let them know I'm proud of them because everyone can make a vision board only a select few will create the vision. Regardless of the outcome, the reality is always the same. They created their vision. That's always a #BossMove. Visionaries keep pushing! It's just what they do!

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