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Bumpy Doesn't Stop Life

Life is always happening. When my dad died over 19 years ago, I stopped living. To the people observing it probably didn't look like it and in the beginning, I didn't realize it. It wasn't because I felt sorry for myself or because I was in mourning. I stopped living because I didn't know how to navigate through life without him.

I was in that state for a little over seven years. It wasn't until the end that I knew I wasn't living. Knowing I needed to live was easy and taking action was challenging. However, the most difficult part was deciding to change. For me, deciding to change and live my life meant committing to myself. I'm usually the cheerleader for others and feel selfish if I do too much for me. It really would have been easier to stay where I was but I knew that's not what my daddy wanted or expected me to do.

To confirm I asked God to send my daddy to me. He did too. I had a dream and in the dream, my dad fussed at me for never finishing things and settling. In the dream, I asked him what he was talking about. He had a list of things. When I woke up I made a list of things to complete. In those moments, my nonprofit Lion Mile Foundation, Inc was born and so was C L Miles Consulting, Inc.

Now I'm committed to living my best life and sometimes I still have to decide to live.

When those times come I ask myself, what decision do I need to make? What am I avoiding? Why am I avoiding it? Why is it vital? When I answer those question then I ask for confirmation. I always get my confirmation, usually in a dream.

I had to learn the bumps don't stop life so I can't stop living. What bumps are you avoiding? Don't let them distract you from being great!

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